A great feature on WordPress platform is the possibility to install plugins on it and extend its features. There are thousands of plugins available to install. You can find plugins to for example add a contact form on your website, install a gallery of images, a forum or more advanced options such as plugins to improve the website performance or integrate a membership. How can I add a new plugin to my blog or website?

Installing a plugin

To install a plugin is very simple. In this example, we are going to install a plugin that will insert a Contact Form on our website.

On your WordPress dashboard, go to “Plugins > Add new

On the search box, look for “Contact Form“. We are going to use the plugin by WPForms. It’s free and once the user submits the form on your website you’ll receive a notification by email with their details.

After installing and activating it, WPForms will create a tab on your dashboard. With the cursor on the tab, select “Add new“.

WPForms has some standard forms you can use or you can also create one from zero. For this example, we are going to use the standard form “Simple Contact Form“.

You can add new fields, change the template and much more and preview the Form.

To select the email address that all the inquiries will be sent, go to “Settings > Notifications” and inform an email address you’d like to use. If you leave it as default, all the emails received from the form will be sent to the admin mail you informed when setting up WordPress.

To insert the form we are going to create a new blank page on your website and insert the form into it.

Go to “Pages > Add new” and name the page as “Contact“. 

On the page, go to “Add Form” and select the form we created before, in this case, “Simple Contact Form“.

Publish the page selecting “Publish” on the right of the screen. After it, your Contact Form will be available at “www.yourdomain.example/contact”.

The email you’ll receive when someone contacts you through the form will look like this:

I hope you enjoyed this post. This was just one example of the use of Plugins. WordPress has thousands of them and you can explore and test it out on your projects.

If you have any doubt, register for free to our website and have access to our Forum where you can post all your issues and ask for suggestions. You can also leave a comment down below and we’ll come back to you.

Renato Franca
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