WordPress is one of the best platforms to create online content. You are able to build blogs, websites, online stores, portals, forums, and more without have to know advanced coding skills. This tool is “Open Source”, in other words, free to use by everyone. In this article, you will learn what you need to start a new blog on WordPress even though you have no coding skills or web knowledge.

Web Hosting

To start using WordPress is very simple. Firstly, you’ll need a Web Hosting. All the files from your computer (Pictures, videos, documents, etc) are saved on your HD (Hard-Disk), right? So you can access it anytime when you need it. Every website online on the internet needs to be also “hosted” in some place, with the difference that it has to be accessible online through the internet. It’s there where all the files and content from your website will be hosted. We called this “Web Host”. There are hundreds of companies that offer you a “Hosting Plan”. Basically, these companies offer you a certain amount of space in their online servers where you’re allowed to use to save your files. It’s there where you will install the WordPress platform and start building your website.


So you have a Web Host where all the files and content of your website is being saved, right? But how can your users access it? Trough a domain name. A domain is nothing more than an address that will enable you to access the content of your website, making the link between the internet and your web host. So all the time someone types on their browser “www.wpbyyourself.com” it will show the content of the website because it’s linked to the web host we set up before.

Domain names are unique. It’s your identity in the internet world. So it’s important to choose one that makes easier for your users to associate your business with your web address. You can choose from many different options, for example, wwww.yourbusiness.com, www.yourbusiness.net, www.yourbusiness.org, www.yourbusiness.tv, the list is huge.

There are also hundreds of companies out there where you can look up for your domain and buy it. It’s cheap and usually paid once a year.

Now that you’re familiar with Web Hosting and Domain, it’s time to choose one to start your website. Click here and follow our guide that will help you on this process step by step.

Renato Franca
Fascinated by computers and technology since was a child. Built his first website at the age of 14 and has been helping people use the web ever since. Graduated in Computer Sciences, travelling, photography and coffee lover.


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