When writing a post or an article for our blog or website, we are always trying to enrich it in different ways. One great thing to add to a post is a video, as it can say much more than just words. YouTube has a feature where you’re able to embed videos from the platform in your WordPress posts without uploading the video directly to your site so you can save space on your server.

Finding the video’s embed code

Once you’ve found the video on YouTube that you’d like to insert into your post, go to “Share > Embed

You’ll see a box with an “embed code” that we need to embed the video in your post. You can also change some settings as:

  • Change the starting time of the video on your post
  • Enable or disable the “Suggested videos” when it finishes
  • Enable or disable the video controls (Start, pause, etc)
  • Show or hide the video title

Once you’ve set how you’d like to display the video, copy the “embed code

Inserting the video in a post

On the post that you’d like to display the video, make sure that the editor is on “Text” and paste the code you copied before.

Publish or Preview the post and you should be able to see the video embedded in your post as the example below:

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any doubts about embedding a YouTube video, comment down below or sign up for our Forum and discuss this and others cool features you can do with your WordPress website.

Renato Franca
Fascinated by computers and technology since was a child. Built his first website at the age of 14 and has been helping people use the web ever since. Graduated in Computer Sciences, travelling, photography and coffee lover.


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