Google Analytics is the most used tool to track and see statistics of your website. With this tool, you’re able to see basic and advanced reports and use it to discover more about your audience, define an SEO plan or just check statistics. The process to install Google Analytics on a WordPress website is simple and take just a few steps.

Creating an account on Google Analytics

To start using Google Analytics, you’ll need a Google Account (If if you use Gmail you already have one). Go to Google Analytics home page, log in with your Google Account and on the front page select “Admin“.

Now we need to add our website to it. On the  Administration Panel, select “Account > Create new account“.

Inform some basic data of your website, such as “Name, category, URL, etc“.

Make sure you put the right URL as it will be used later to track your website.

After filling in everything, at the bottom of the page, click on “Get Tracking ID“. This ID is unique and we’ll need it to make the integration with WordPress.

After reading and accepting the Terms of Service, you should see a page with your Tracking ID and a box with the code that should be implemented on your WordPress.

Luckily, we don’t have to use or understand this code to install this on our blog our website. To make it easier we are going to use a Plugin that will make the installation much simpler.


How to install Google Analytics on WordPress

There are a lot of plugins that help you install Google Analytics on your website. The plugin will basically insert the tracking code with the unique ID on our pages and posts automatically.

We’re going to use the plugin “GA Google Analytics“. You can easily find in on the WordPress’ Plugins Repository.

After installing and activating it, under the “Settings” section of your WordPress dashboard, you can see a link to the settings of the plugin, called “Google Analytics“.


On the Plugin’s settings page, insert your Tracking ID and mark “Enable Analytics“.

You can also mark the option “Disable GA on the frontend for Admin-level users” (Not mandatory). This way if you’re logged in and working on your website, Google Analytics will not consider it as a view or a visitor and you’ll have more accurate reports.

Save the settings and you’re done. Google Analytics will start tracking and collecting data from your website within a maximum of 24h.

If in 24h Google Analytics doesn’t start collecting data from your website, check if you put the correct Tracking ID on the pluging’s settings page, save it and try again.

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